Nude by Rihanna


From her bold fashions and unapologetic attitude to her outspoken activism, Rihanna is an international pop superstar with extraordinary self-confidence and style.

But feeling beautiful and confident isn’t just for celebrities — it’s for everyone. And we made certain of it with an integrated campaign to promote the new fragrance, Nude by Rihanna. With efforts spanning creative, contests, media planning and digital platforms, our campaign empowered people to feel sexy in their own skin, just like Rihanna.

Launched in tandem with the singer’s Diamonds World Tour, our fan-driven campaign encouraged Rihanna’s followers to show how they “shine bright like a diamond” by showing off their natural beauty and confidence. An out-of-home installation traveled from venue to venue engaging with multinational fans and capturing their concert experiences in real-time. Fans’ confident reactions and body-positive messages were then shared through social media, further increasing the campaign’s reach.

How far? How about 71.7 million unique users and 498 million impressions. Rihanna’s fans engaged on social media, shared custom content, participated in giveaways and purchased the new fragrance online and through key retail partners, including Macy’s.

By creating a campaign that elevated self-confidence and made people feel sexy — the very essence of Rihanna’s iconic brand — we were able to reach and activate her unique fan base, making Nude by Rihanna something worth talking about.

Nude by Rihanna campaign website.

A fully responsive web platform connected Rihanna with her online followers and drove interaction and participation in nationwide contests.

Nude by Rihanna out of home concert installation.

An out-of-home installation traveled with Rihanna as she toured the world and encouraged fans at each venue to capture and share their concert experience.

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