Mankind by Kenneth Cole

Kenneth Cole

You are what you wear, according to the Kenneth Cole brand. With that mantra in mind, Ready Set Rocket crafted a campaign that elevated the release of a new cologne — Mankind by Kenneth Cole — from a simple product launch to an impactful and thought-provoking movement.

The desire to do good often collides with overwhelming self-doubt and an uncertainty of where to begin. Understanding this barrier enabled us to turn it into a bridge, one that inspired and rewarded our audience’s conscientiousness through the Man Up for Mankind campaign.

From subway ads to a Men’s Health partnership that challenged readers to win a spot on the magazine’s cover, our integrated campaign gave people a support system and reminders to accomplish daily good deeds. Hold the door for strangers. Hail someone a cab. Or buy coffee for the person behind you. Small actions that caused positive reactions — all energized by our efforts.

In the 21 Days, 21 Deeds social media component, which was based on the belief that habits are formed in 21 days, we encouraged people to establish long term good habits by performing good deeds every day. Out-of-home posters served as reminders that one small deed can make a big impact.

In addition to exceeding sales goals, the campaign garnered 52,000 site visitors and more than 32 million impressions. And while courteousness and free coffees can be tough to count, we do know that we did more than just solve a marketing problem — we encouraged the evolution of mankind.

Mankind by Kenneth Cole campaign site.

A campaign website featured the realtime evolution of mankind, social activations and product promotion.

Mankind by Kenneth Cole

A “21 Days, 21 Deeds” social activation leveraging Google glass signaled users of real time opportunities to help those around them, and drove millions in earned media impressions across social and consumer and trade press.

Mankind by Kenneth Cole partnership with Men's Health magazine.

A partnership with Men’s Health entered participants in the “Ultimate Guy Search” contest for a chance to appear on the magazine’s cover.

An out of home subway ad for the fragrance campaign.

The campaign expanded into OOH installations encouraging NYC commuters to do good and pay it forward. The ads won an Obie Gold Award for Best OOH Campaign.

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