Weichert Workforce Mobility

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  • Branding
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The challenges that began in 2020 have forever changed the way the world operates. For Weichert Workforce Mobility, delivering logistical workforce solutions and resources on a global scale became a bigger demand and a new opportunity for WWM to stand out. RSR’s challenge was to build and position WWM to not only adapt, but to anticipate and thrive in an ambiguous, yet exciting future in progress.


With WWM’s goals in mind, Ready Set Rocket set out to develop a new brand positioning and visual identity that was fresh, dynamic, and forward-thinking. First, we crafted a logo redesign that married Weichert’s parent logo with a refreshed take on WWM’s iconic yellow square. To highlight that WWM is guiding their customers every step of the way, we built an identity system that is synonymous with wayfinding. These elements were woven into an intricate style guide for them to take their brand anywhere the workforce industry might evolve. With the new visual identity set in motion, WWM was reintroduced to the world with a bold brand video that highlighted how their updated voice and repositioning came to life.


The new brand identity helped to elevate Weichert Workforce Mobility as a modern solution in the workforce mobility category, making the complicated task of relocation feel seamless and achievable. WWM is now better equipped to meet the ever-changing expectations of the industry, and adapt to this new reality—which is one that is always in flux.

We developed a new brand positioning for WWM, “Let’s make work happen”, to encapsulate everything they stand for: both a call to action and a motivator that is optimistic, forward-thinking and accomplished in the spirit of collaboration.

Growing your workforce can be intimidating and complex.

To make things less daunting, we brought a sense of simplicity to Weichert Workforce Mobility’s new visual identity, embodying their values of authenticity and flexibility.

WWM’s visual identity incorporates a system of brand devices derived from the logo.

These elements give the brand a unique visual calling card, while reinforcing its flexibility and consistency throughout every visual touchpoint.

The brand video brings WWM’s new identity to life and goes in depth about the solutions and promises that WWM delivers to their customers.

Weichert Workforce Mobility’s ethos of always putting people first lives and breathes through every picture, layout, and word we crafted.