Weichert Realtors

Showing you the way home.

Guiding the millennial consumer through the complex process of home ownership.

  • Social Strategy


As a large family-owned real estate company, Weichart knew how to differentiate itself and increase its digital footprint by connecting with a new generation of home buyers. So they called Ready Set Rocket to help them reach through the screen and shake hands with their new target demographic.


Our research revealed that it wasn’t avocado toast keeping millennials from buying homes. Financial concerns, misconceptions about home buying, and unrealistic expectations that were causing them to feel like home ownership was impossible. With this light bulb moment, we crafted a strategy to establish Weichert as a leader in home-owner consultation. What if Weichert became where millennials could feel safe learning about the home-owning process through content and community support? After all, purchasing or selling a home is one of life’s greatest decisions. So we worked with Weichert to craft educational content that taught potential home buyers industry expertise that helped them purchase a home that fit their budget, lifestyle, and needs.


Weichart was seeing double! In digit growth content engagement amongst millennials, that is. They also saw an increase in agent satisfaction with corporate marketing support.