Signature Theatre

Welcoming theatergoers home.

Putting passionate playwrights in the limelight and giving theater enthusiasts a place to call home.

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Signature Theatre is an iconic New York City theater dedicated to championing playwrights and creating an inclusive community that welcomes theatergoers with open doors. A year and a half after theaters worldwide shuttered their doors, Signature Theatre had a unique opportunity to emerge from the pandemic as a place where people can once again enjoy live entertainment. They tapped Ready Set Rocket to create a new branding and marketing strategy that matched the organization's artistic, inclusive, and welcoming mission.


In order to better understand Signature Theatre’s audience, competitors, and goals, Ready Set Rocket interviewed stakeholders and conducted deep research to find out what makes them tick. Then we leveraged that research to inform and create a new brand foundation that delivers on Signature Theatre’s mission, core values, and tone of voice.


Using the brand foundation as our guiding light, we re-branded Signature Theatre, providing a new visual identity inspired by individuality and artistry that repositions them in the competitive landscape and resonates with their core audiences. This rebrand allows Signature Theatre to scale across all future touchpoints, and extends their reach to welcome theatergoers who want to experience the once-in-a-lifetime shows that their playwrights deliver.

We crafted the new visual identity to scale to social and beyond.

Bold, expressive layouts captured the energy and uniqueness of the Signature Theatre brand and illustrated a welcoming creative community.

Bringing the visual identity to life off the screen helped reinforce the new brand narrative and capture theatergoers' attention around the city.

We designed the annual brochure to highlight the playwrights-in-residency and their unique storytelling.

The look & feel elevated the message of individuality and artistry while piquing interest in the upcoming plays.

The website’s rebranding brought the theater into the modern era, while promoting the playwrights-in-residence and upcoming shows & events.

We made sure to keep the magic of Signature Theatre and their brand identity intact across all screen sizes so we could provide a consistent brand experience to their entire audience.