Case Study

Seagram's Gin

Turning the pretentious world of alcoholic beverage marketing into something more relatable to the new generation of consumers.


Following a recent decline in sales, Seagram’s Gin enlisted Ready Set Rocket to help them maintain their position as “America’s #1 Gin” by appealing to a new generation of consumers.


To reintroduce the brand to the millennial audience, our team started by conducting extensive audience research. After finding that traditional alcoholic beverage marketing no longer resonated with the more modern audience, we developed a new brand position, design system, and integrated campaign strategy. Our integrated campaign activated consumers across broadcast, digital, and social media. And to further scale our reach, we partnered with Barstool Sports and Complex magazine to bring the Seagram’s Gin into a more relevant and relatable context.


The repositioning of the brand generated 40+ million impressions, reached 8+ million people, and generated 4+ million video views. Our integrated campaign generated a 12.2% lift in brand awareness and a 122% increase in positive sentiment compared to the period prior—proving that Seagram’s Gin is as real as the people who drink it.

The Proudly Us campaign appealed to the laidback desires of everyday consumers, letting our new audience know that there’s nothing wrong with choosing your couch and the remote over a flashy club and bottle service.

Campaign messaging spanning digital, broadcast, social media and OOH reminded consumers that you don’t need a big night out to have fun.

The revitalized tone of voice was brought to life across Seagram’s Gin social properties through engaging copy that encouraged followers to tag friends and reminisce.

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