Case Study


Taking one of the world’s leading sports brands into the raw, real world of performance to engage the next generation of athletes.


As one of the world’s leading sports brands, PUMA has been a staple for athletes and activewear enthusiasts—on and off the field—for ages. Wanting to better reach the Gen Z audience, PUMA tasked Ready Set Rocket with relaunching the brand’s performance line on Instagram to engage the next generation of athletes.


We crafted a creative strategy that shifted the brand from it’s polished look to something more gritty and raw that celebrates the duality of performance—the struggle and the achievement, the mental and the physical, the bad days and the good. We created a social design aesthetic, tone of voice, and content templates. Then, we ideated new opportunities for engagement and brand partnerships to bring fans closer to their heroes. And we mobilized the brand’s internal teams with frameworks for social listening, proactive community management, and social analytics.


The result was a social playbook that empowered the brand with ideas, framework to scale with the editorial team’s ambitions, social listening guidelines, proactive community management recommendations, and design and content templates that helped them better engage and interact with the Gen Z Performer archetype.

  • Communications Strategy
  • Analytics Strategy
  • Social Media
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