Case Study


Introducing a new personality into the world of alcoholic beverage marketing to bring an aging brand back to life in an engaging way.


Though ‘The Original Coffee Liqueur’‎ remains a go-to beverage most frequented at festive gatherings, sales have seen a decline year over year. Ready Set Rocket partnered with Kahlúa to take an aging alcohol brand and introduce it to a new generation of drinkers.


Upon research we discovered that the current generation of consumers had grown tired of the pretentious world of alcoholic beverage marketing, so, we set out to help the brand break the mold. First, we updated the brand compass, determined a new tone of voice, and built a robust digital ecosystem to support our message. Then we created an integrated campaign featuring our very own Coach Kahlúa—armed with a tone to resonate with a modern audience and a plethora of cocktail recipes to engage and excite.


Our integrated campaign featuring Coach Kahlúa increased web traffic to the US website by 90% YOY and a reported +4.0% sales increase—proving that Kahlúa has made a rebellious and much-deserved comeback.

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increase in web traffic to the US website (YoY)
sales increase
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