Say Hello to Coach Kahlúa


Kahlúa has long been a category leader often associated with the holidays and White Russians. But despite the brand’s iconic recognition, sales have seen a decline year over year.

That’s where we stepped in. Ready Set Rocket partnered with Kahlúa to take an aging brand and introduce it to a new generation of drinkers.

While digging for an insight, we discovered that mature millennials had grown tired of the pretentious world of mixology, speakeasy bars and hipper-than-thou barrel-aged cocktails. They wanted to do things on their own terms, and they wanted brands to help them break the mold. So, we set out to create something different — a weird and wonderful campaign that helped the brand combat shifting drinking habits while educating consumers on the different ways to enjoy their signature drink.

First, we updated the brand compass, determined a new tone of voice and built a robust digital ecosystem to support our message. Then, knowing that humor and intelligence were critical to our base, we created a new kind of cocktail connoisseur, Coach Kahlua — a witty guide determined to sell millennials on the exciting world of coffee liqueur. Through integrated campaigns, Coach Kahlua offered new cocktail recipes, spoke to our audience in ways that resonate, and reminded people everywhere that Kahlua is so much more than an after dinner drink.

Results for the campaign have shown stunning success. Overall, we’ve seen increased web traffic to the US website by 90% YOY and a reported +4.0% sales increase proving that Kahlúa has made a rebellious and much-deserved comeback.

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