Case Study

Industry City

Building a bustling community of locally-grown emerging brands, artisans, and entrepreneurs in the City That Never Sleeps.


Looking to grow a vibrant waterfront community of creators, makers, artists, restauranteurs, and more, Industry City tapped Ready Set Rocket to further bring its vision to life.


First, we developed a communications, media and measurement program catered to locally-grown emerging brands, artisans, and entrepreneurs to meet new tenant leasing goals. Next, we integrated our lease acquisition marketing programs with Industry City’s internal teams and systems, which allowed both parties to optimize the multi-touch sales funnel and attribute the efficacy of media spend towards specific messaging and channels. Then, we launched ad campaigns (from OOH subway takeovers in Herald Square to social ads) and redesigned their website to build awareness and equity, and entice visitation among tourists and the broader New York community.


As a result, we bolstered Industry City’s position as NYC’s new creative community—bringing together businesses, creatives, and community in one exciting new Brooklyn waterfront district. And in just 8 months we were able to increase qualified leads by 102% and lower cost per lead by 61%, resulting in a 90%+ occupancy by identifying and targeting leasing prospects with the highest propensity to convert.

Summer Campaign

  • Digital Strategy
  • Communications Strategy
  • Analytics Strategy
  • Ad Campaigns
  • Websites & Applications
  • Media Planning
  • Media Management
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