Making financial wellbeing more accessible.

Reaching a wider audience of new investors by uncomplicating financial strategies.

  • Communications Strategy
  • Digital Strategy
  • Social Strategy


BlackRock is the world’s largest asset manager with over 8.6 trillion in AUM. As a top brand in the financial sector, they reached out to Ready Set Rocket to help them advance their mission of making wealth and financial wellbeing an accessible reality for their clients and new investors.


To help BlackRock provide financial market access to a wider audience, we created digestible content that broke down investment strategies and elevated financial literacy for current and prospective clients. The breadth of content we created across their website, social, and advertising not only further educated consumers, but also helped them think differently about their investment choices, all while driving incremental AUM. Additionally, our work armed financial advisors with the digital tools and collateral they needed to guide their clients’ financial wellbeing and create confidence in their investment choices.


As a result, we helped BlackRock further humanize and simplify complex investment topics, helping to ensure the next generation of investors is empowered to participate in the market and make smarter investment decisions.

Vibrant brand colors and animated illustrations made complex financial concepts easier to follow, giving investors the tools to save more of what they earn.

Introducing investors to timely strategies, such as sustainable investing, showed them that they don't need to choose between investing ethically and investing in their future.

BlackRock helps people create better financial futures.

From your first paycheck, to starting a 401K or saving for a child’s education, we showed how BlackRock is there to support you throughout each stage of your life.

Video content for Aladdin by BlackRock, showed how their technology can bring clarity to the world’s financial ecosystem, allowing investors to make more informed decisions.

Simple analogies helped us break down financial topics for investors with engaging visual narratives.