Ready Set Rocket Adds Jordan Parvex as Graphic Designer

Jordan (he/him) joins us as a graphic designer, creative thinker and image-maker from sunny southern California. Now firmly based in New York City, he has had experience designing for diverse cultural institutions and workspaces countrywide. 

“The creative team is delighted to have Jordan on board. His design skills, enthusiasm, and ‘figure it out’ attitude make him a great fit for the team. I’m excited to see how Jordan brings both his brand-side experience and his marketing background into the Designer role at RSR.” said Michelle Unger, Associate Creative Director.

His dedication to running and designing his very own LGBTQ+ zine, Warm Bros, made him more than qualified to be a part of the growing DEI efforts that the agency has been advocating for throughout the years. Parvex shared “I was really drawn to Ready Set Rocket’s spirit of collaboration. Design and creative fields are always better when you have the movement of ideas and a flexibility to allow people to work together, whether that is virtually or in-person. It is difficult to find places that continue to prioritize creative collaboration in a time of constant content demand, but RSR clearly believes in the process and in people, which makes me really excited to be here.”

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