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Taking a popular food brand to the next level.

Taking one of the most-coveted modern food brands to another level—so that even more people can enjoy locally-sourced fare made in-house from scratch.

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Who says fast dining needs to be bad for you? Sweetgreen has proved that bringing locally-sourced food to the masses in a sustainable way can genuinely innovate the way we eat. As they looked to scale, they called Ready Set Rocket to help expand the brand nationally while still holding onto the influential, authentic ethos that customers have grown to love.


Ready Set Rocket set our sights on developing a go-to-market strategy designed to heighten awareness of Sweetgreen locations in new cities and drive incremental orders in existing ones. The key was crafting a ROAS model that leveraged paid media to drive app downloads, online orders, and incremental in-store purchases. The way to support this was through highlighting the brand’s story — like their Nancy Silverton and Dan Barber collaborations — to strengthen brand equity and help expand the lifestyle value of a loyal fanbase who feels a part of the brand’s mission.


We forked it up! Our acquisition program has supported the opening of dozens of new Sweetgreen locations, resulting in a whopping 2000% ROAS on “trail” orders and a 1000% ROAS on incremental orders. This ultimately helped boost Sweetgreen to a $1.6B valuation.