The Sweet Life


In a world of unhealthy fast casual restaurants, Sweetgreen breaks the mold.

The brand grew to fame by finding authentic, sustainable ways to bring locally-sourced food to the masses. And in doing so, established themselves as a modern food innovator. But as they scaled, they needed partners who could expand their business nationally, while maintaining the influential, authentic ethos consumers had come to know and love. That’s where we came in.

Ready Set Rocket developed a go-to-market strategy designed to build awareness in new cities and drive incremental orders in existing ones. First, we developed an ROAS model leveraging paid media to drive app downloads, online orders, and incremental in-store purchases. Next, we supported the brand’s storytelling efforts — like their Nancy Silverton and Dan Barber collaborations — in order to strengthen brand equity and grow the Lifetime Value of its loyal base.

Over the past two years, we’ve helped Sweetgreen navigate the rapid expansion of their retail footprint, generate millions in paid media impressions, drive a positive ROAS, and grow customer LTV.

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