Case Study


Reimagining the digital ecosystem of the world’s fastest growing sports league to better engage and excite the modern fan.


As one of the fastest growing sports leagues in the world, the NBA tapped Ready Set Rocket to reimagine its digital ecosystem to better engage the modern sports fan and continue its growth in international market share as a leading global sports league.


To build fan equity in the NBA’s suite of digital products, we introduced Rapid Replay—a personalized, automated highlight reel. Powered by WSC, Rapid Replay connected fans all over the world to a firehose of real-time highlights and condensed games, organized by player and team. With just one tap, fans could get personalized, real-time highlights to relieve the best dunks, three-pointers, fast breaks, streaks and more. We then integrated Rapid Replay into the League Pass streaming offering, and developed messaging and design testing to enhance the efficacy of League Pass member acquisition marketing.


Through our work with the NBA, we helped navigate their continued shift towards best-in-class digital product solutions for global audiences. Our efforts led to the redesign of the global product ecosystem, stats platforms, domestic livestreaming, and more—driving growth in fan engagement and League Pass subscriptions.

  • Digital Strategy
  • Analytics Strategy
  • Websites & Applications
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