Reaching the Sophisticated Consumer

Michael Kors

As one of the world’s largest lifestyle brands, Michael Kors rose to prominence by making luxury fashion attainable for trend-conscious consumers. While the company was ringing up success at the register, it was struggling to do so in the hearts and minds of shoppers. And with a noticeable lack of valuable insight into buyer behaviors and attitudes, the brand had little ability to make a meaningful change.

Ready Set Rocket is engaged as a strategic partner to help maximize the impact of the brand’s social presence. At the beginning of this long-term partnership, we exposed crucial gaps in the brand’s efforts. Not only did Michael Kors lack the presence to make consumers feel important and understood, they lacked the internal structure required to make that level of online engagement possible.

With a vast global presence on social media, all those tweets, likes, shares and comments were untapped focus groups waiting to be data mined. But not for long. We built Michael Kor’s social engagement team from the ground up, training and empowering them to acquire, understand and react to consumer feedback and behaviors online, and effectively turn data into insight.

In short, we listened. Doing so has led us to develop brand strategies that showcase Michael Kors’ unique products and lifestyle through curated imagery, videos and animation. We also encourage engagement through campaigns that ask users to showcase and share their style through user-generated content, effectively turning audiences into brand advocates.

Success looks good on us — and on Michael Kors. Thanks to our continued efforts, the brand’s social channels have experienced consistent growth, with their Facebook audience increasing 170% YoY, Twitter 65% YoY, Pinterest 57% YoY, and Instagram 220% YoY. Our work has strengthened the overall health of the brand and, more importantly, brought Michael Kors closer to the sophisticated consumers who adore and define them.

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