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Manhattan Mini Storage

In the country’s most densely populated city, Manhattan Mini Storage provides a sought after luxury: space. Since 1956, they’ve helped New Yorkers tackle the challenges life throws their way. However, in recent years, industry demand has led to rising competition. The brand tapped Ready Set Rocket to help them maintain their status as a leading NYC storage provider.

New Yorkers are busy, stressed and always on the move. Time is their greatest commodity, and brands that prioritize ease and convenience will always win out. Understanding that, we worked to make the storage experience as stress-free and accommodating as possible; helping the brand deliver on their promise of providing always on storage, whenever it’s needed.

Customer journey mapping helped us understand the role each channel plays in the MMS experience. Those findings were used to improve foundational strategies and internal structures. From there, we created platforms, like a new site, that highlighted unique offerings and simplified the research and reservation process.

Cross-channel paid search and social campaigns then drove valuable traffic to desired locations. Display ads and enhanced search targeting connected the brand with target audiences and ensured prospects were finding information easily. And as ongoing brand consultants, we tested, measured and optimized platforms for continued success.

Our long-term partnership with Manhattan Mini Storage brought their unique offerings up to speed with modern demands. Year over year, we generated real results, including an increase in brand visibility, conversion rate, first-time users, and an overall improvement in search position. Non-branded conversion have increased 126% since 2015 and total occupancy now stands at 98%. At the end of the day, Manhattan Mini Storage is no longer just a storage provider, they’re an indispensable part of of the New York living experience.

The new site used location searches to show prospects available units in their area. Users could explore options by size, price and temperate control, among other unique offerings.

The site was optimized for mobile-use to make the reservation process simple for on-the-go users.

A Facebook advertisement for Manhattan Mini Storage.

Social advertisements targeted likely to convert audiences with relevant messaging.

A Manhattan Mini Storage promoted Instagram post.

Sponsored ads kept the brand's witty tone of voice alive, while driving prospects to physical locations near them.

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