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Kearny Point

Everything old is new again. And that’s certainly true with Kearny Point. The once bustling shipbuilding district in New Jersey, which at its peak during WWI and WWII employed over 30,000 people and stood as a symbol of growth and progress, is now being redeveloped and reimagined for a modern workforce. The new campus boasts 130 acres, 2 million square feet, and endless opportunities for start-ups and established business alike. 

But how do you convince today’s technology-fueled makers, artisans and pioneers to bring their business to an old shipyard? You tell and promote the story of a revitalized community and it’s emerging culture of creativity and forward thinking.

No matter the industry, entrepreneurs are attracted to like-minded people and empowered by creative spaces. Understanding this, we established Kearny Point as the place to be for designers, developers, dreamers and doers. Through interactive 360-degree video tours of the flex and co-working spaces, drone footage showcasing the campus and surrounding area, and captivating interviews with the project’s executive team, we showcased the endless possibilities of Kearny Point’s flexible spaces and worry-free amenities.

These assets were brought to life on a robust website that laid out plans for the re-emerging entrepreneurial destination while paying respect to the area’s 100-year history and heritage, all while promoting the shoreline’s ecological restoration happening in tandem with the redevelopment. Through photography, videography and storytelling, we not only showcased Kearny Point’s breadth of offerings, we demonstrated how creativity and prosperity transcend into modern times.

The site experience announced the revitalized Kearny Point brand to the world, while helping users visualize and imagine themselves in the different space offerings.

Kearny Point's new website viewed on mobile.

The mobile experience was equally important, as a majority of users would be searching for, exploring and purchasing space on-the-go.

We created three perspectives videos that captured the past, present and future visions for Kearny Point’s shared workspace project.

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