iShares by BlackRock

Challenging the financial status quo.

Reinterpreting the world of finance for a new generation of investors.

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As the ETF industry continues its exponential growth, iShares stands out from the crowd—not just as the world’s largest ETF provider, but as a leader who continuously challenges the status quo to drive positive change in the financial industry, and in the world. With the rapid change and volatility in the financial markets, iShares reached out to Ready Set Rocket to help grow AUM by connecting to a new generation of potential investors to increase awareness of iShares and ETFs.


First, we performed a comprehensive analysis of Millennial and Gen Z investors, along with Financial Advisors and Institutional Investors, assessing key nuances in mindset and behaviors based on HHI, age, and financial literacy. From there, we defined a content and social strategy to identify opportunities to educate these audiences on the benefits of investing in iShares ETFs, as well as introduce them to the brand and product offerings. We then implemented these strategies, and executed on cross-channel content programs distributed across social channels, including Instagram, Twitter, Linkedin, Reddit and TikTok. We took complicated financial jargon and made it digestible, pairing impactful headlines with illustration and motion—turning traditionally daunting information into engaging and relevant bite-sized social content.


By elevating iShares’ content and messaging, we’re successfully reaching audiences on platforms that are relevant to them. From newer investors like Millennials and Gen Z audiences to Financial Advisors and Institutional Investors, we’re helping educate them on the world of investing and exposing them to new opportunities to help better navigate current market volatility. The cherry on top was that in our first year of developing social for them, LinkedIn reached out to the iShares social team and congratulated them on having unique, and highly engaging social content.

Making investing more interesting – one social asset at a time.

We developed social content for iShares that would resonate with investors at all financial levels. By simplifying and modernizing complex topics, we made traditionally dense and dry material more digestible and relatable.

By pairing simple visual concepts with bold brand colors, we were able to translate intricate financial strategies into bite-sized content that kept viewers engaged and entertained.

Financial Advisors and Institutional Investors have vast knowledge of the finance world and we made sure we delivered higher complexity, yet digestible strategies for them and their clients.

Taking the brand to more social channels and presenting a wide variety of topics, we educated and entertained a new generation of investors about ETFs while sparking interest in financial investing.

One of iShares core goals is to make their investors feel empowered through education. By connecting to newer investors through interests and hobbies that resonate with them, we were able to capture their attention, and support them in their financial journey.