Case Study

Carnegie Hall

Thinking beyond the walls of the Hall to help bring music to audiences anywhere—and everywhere—in the world.


For over 127 years, Carnegie Hall has brought the transformative power of music to people everywhere. Looking towards the future, the organization sought a partner who could help create an experience that allowed audiences to think beyond the walls of the Hall and access online and IRL experiences, no matter where they are in the world.


We started by researching target audiences—attendees, members, patrons, and donors—to inform our roadmap for audience engagement and member growth. Then, we created a multi-channel audience acquisition strategy to help bridge the gap between online and offline, optimize monetization offerings, and enhance partnership opportunities. We also created a new design system and overhauled the website to help the brand capture new and younger audiences, while deepening relationships with existing ones.


Our work with Carnegie Hall helped reposition the organization for the modern music fan while driving attendees, new memberships, and strengthening existing relationships. The result was a 57% increase in YoY membership subscriptions.

  • Digital Strategy
  • Analytics Strategy
  • Websites & Applications
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