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Athletes Unlimited

Bringing a first-of-its-kind network of sports leagues to life—and elevating underrepresented athletes and underserved fans in innovative new ways.

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Athletes Unlimited is a revolutionary network of professional sports leagues where elite athletes compete in fantasy-inspired games such as women’s softball, volleyball, and lacrosse. The organization tapped Ready Set Rocket to help them bring their vision to life—and fans closer to the game than ever before.


First, we developed a communications strategy to convey the organization’s mission as a space to elevate underrepresented athletes and underserved fans, and messaging to explain the reinvented rules of the games: shorter seasons, higher stakes, new radical scoring system. Then, we built the leagues’ digital product—a website to deliver high-impact videos and editorials, real-time stats, and a first-of-its-kind leaderboard. We also launched a campaign to drive awareness, engagement, and tune-ins for the inaugural 2020 Softball Season. And helped them connect to modern fans in innovative new ways.


Together, we helped Athletes Unlimited establish itself as a dominant player in the world of pro sports—differentiated by its mission to empower the next generation of athletes, its innovative game formats, and its first-of-its-kind technology solution. And we helped drive tune-in on ESPN and CBS Sports, fan engagement on the website, and support monetization programs with partners like Geico.

When you look at all the sports, especially women’s sports, there is so much more potential that has yet to be understood and figured out. This is, I think, a perfect solution.

Abby Wambach
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