Your Next Star Employee Might Be a Former One

In an industry of high turnover, losing valuable employees is an unfortunate reality. And in an era where cross-discipline talent is hard to find, that loss can really hurt. However, career paths are unpredictable, and in some cases, you might have a chance to get those stars back.

RSR cofounder, Aaron Harvey, spoke with Entrepreneur about that exact scenario, and the value of remaining on good terms with past employees.

In the early years, Ready Set Rocket hired a junior designer in its New York office. During his time with the company, the man was a valuable employee. But eventually, he decided to move back to San Francisco to be near his family.

“Since we keep an open-door policy with past employees — whether that be inviting them to networking and agency events, or offering personal and professional support — we retained a relationship,” founder Aaron Harvey said via email.

Luckily, three years later, the employee’s skill set had advanced. He was the perfect fit for Ready Set Rocket’s new needs, so the company hired him back as a senior product designer.

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