For Mental Health, Employees Want Vulnerability from Leadership

Employees are looking to managers to set the climate around mental health at work.

In a study of 1,000 workers, 62% said they would feel more comfortable talking about mental health issues if someone in a leadership role spoke up first. Co-founder and mental health advocate Aaron Harvey spoke to Forbes about how he shows up authentically for his team.

“I try to bring my real self to work every day. I do have to hedge though because anxiety is the killer of all kindness. And when I’m anxious, I can be unkind,” says Aaron Harvey, Co-Founder/CCO of Ready Set Rocket and Made of Millions, a resource created, as the site says, “For Suffers, By Sufferers” of mental illness. “I’m constantly trying to balance being my “true self” while also recognizing my weaknesses.”

Read more at Forbes.

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