Visualizing Content for Optimal Engagement: Our Latest Fast Company Work

RSR’s latest Fast Company partnership provided key visual support for featured editorial “How Rock and Comedy Can Win the Internet: An Infographical Guide,” timed to further the organic spike in music searches that the GRAMMY Awards had produced.

The piece explores how musicians and comedians have long-merged their talents to expand their audience reach — and how a comedian’s humor can aid the viral tipping point of an artist’s videos in this hyper-social, digital era.

Our work contributed its own viral edge to the article; providing visually rich content to spark readership, views and sharing of the Fast Company editorial piece. The article leverages a primary infographic guide that explores the connectivity of musicians and their comedian counterparts.

We also developed an infographic format that enabled the content to be broken up and inserted within context of the long-form article, ensuring visuals could aid reader comprehension, with a goal of increasing time on page and engagement of the full article.

Furthermore, we ideated three key “hook” images that served to drive interest in the article, bringing readers in and encouraging click-throughs to the article. These images were portraits that combined the faces of famous partnerships like Rodney Dangerfield and Billy Joel, and Michael Jackson and Eddie Murphy. Individually, these images drove image and article shares, increasing the visibility of the article in social spheres.

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