By Beca Grimm

Leading Hispanic America media company Univision Communications Inc. launched its new website. RSR helped build the page, including the interactive map. This map highlights key states where the Hispanic vote holds the most powerful influence in election outcomes.

The site features cutting-edge national and local Hispanic-focused news. It includes videos from Democratic and Republican thought leaders discussing the vitality of winning Hispanic votes and strategies learned from previous campaigns.

The site displays insightful data like Hispanic voter history and data by state with congressional data by district. This helps the viewer learn how many registered Hispanic voters live in various districts, their percentage of the total registered voter population in the district and the coverage Univision stations have in each district.

The Essential Guide to Hispanic Voters is slated to be available as a free download on Univision’s website April 30. Learn more about Hispanic voters and how Univision can help you reach this demographic via its multi-platform offerings on their website.


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