We all love job hunting advice. And historically, mom and dad have been decent go-tos when you need a few professional pointers. However, their working world (in most cases) is different than the one recent grads are entering into. Gen-Zers about to take on the job market are looking at a technology fueled, digitally driven world with an entirely new set of standards. Art Director, Anastasia Kuznetsova, spoke with Metro NY about tips for emerging graduates. For her, 3 things really stand out:

1. Don’t be a one trick pony

“If you’re applying to a job as a website designer, you want to make sure that your curated selection of work shows your breadth as a designer and demonstrates your ability to adapt your design style across a number of clients and aesthetics.”

2. Showcase personal projects and interests

“They want to know that you’re passionate, and personal work often shows off your capabilities since you aren’t working under deadlines.”

3. Know how to sell your work

“When you’re in school, nobody tells you how important it is to be able to present your work. What did you do first, and how did you go about solving the challenge?”

To read the full Metro NY article, click this link.

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