The SoDA 2019 Digital Outlook Report is Now Live

Each year, the Society of Digital Agencies (SoDA) releases their Digital Outlook Report — an overview of that year’s accomplishments, trends, and predictions for the year to come. The theme of this year’s report, Design for Change, looked at our shifting marketing landscape and how leaders are navigating these changes with vision, clarity and courage.

Included in the report, is an article from cofounder, Aaron Harvey, about the future of social impact marketing and the role it plays as people increasingly put their dollars behind purpose-driven brands.

“Today’s consumers are experts in spotting inconsistencies,” states Aaron. “They want real authenticity with real impact, not opportunistic activism. Even with recent increases in social impact campaigns, 40% of people still think brands aren’t doing enough to demonstrate their beliefs in helping the world. And you can’t blame them. Consumers are constantly inundated with organizations touting the importance of their values, while continuing to contribute to systemic issues at the same time. So, how do brands win?” 

As an agency, RSR helps some of today’s leading organizations answer this question. Ahead of the 2016 presidential election, we partnered with Univision to bring to life the Your America platform — a voter registration campaign that helped inform and mobilize hispanic Americans during a politically volatile time.

Our work with Gap on their Do More platform helped the retailer create a brand halo around the social impact and employee engagement efforts of their individual brands. This included launching a new values marketing brand platform and identity that manifested in a content hub with custom CMS that was supported by a Citizen Journalist Program of over 20+ journalists. In addition to weekly articles covering LGBT issues to urban farming, we worked to produce quarterly campaigns that unified the Gap Inc. brands around women’s empowerment.

And internally, we’ve championed mental health awareness and advocacy via Aaron’s nonprofit, the Made of Millions Foundation which connects, educates and empowers individuals living with mental illness.

To check out Aaron’s article and the rest of the SoDA Report, head here. 

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