Techcrunch: Tapping Into The Emotional Internet

In a recent Techcrunch article, Technical Director Gareth Price explains how to “Tap Into The Emotional Internet” and what that means for us.

We are coming closer than we think to technology that can actually make us happier. It starts with machines, likely in the form of wearable technologies, that can read and interpret emotional information. Once we bring in the human element and share this information with each other, we will realize much broader implications.

Providing we construct a strong set of ethical guidelines for gathering and using such personal data sets, we’ll be tapping into that Emotional Internet and leveraging its power to profoundly change our lives for the better, individually and collectively.”

Emotion-sensing technology companies such as AffectivaMicrosoft Research’s Visualization and Interaction for Business and EntertainmentSpire and pplkpr are measuring and quantifying human emotion in a machine-readable way.

To read the full article, head here.

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