Talking Team Building: Aaron Harvey in Inc.

It’s no mystery that advertising is changing rapidly. With its large population of job-hopping millennials, the industry and its agencies have no choice but to address this growing sense of flux. In a recent Inc. article, cofounder Aaron Harvey explains how to build a cohesive company culture when facing this latest challenge.

An excerpt from the article: 

1. Tie Every Task to a Larger Purpose

Employees in general and millennials in particular always want to know the greater meaning of whatever they’re spending their time and effort on. So when assigning a task always explain why it’s needed, Harvey advises. “This shines light onto why seemingly remedial tasks are important for the project, the client, and the company as a whole,” Harvey says. “Everyone wants to make an impact on the future of the company, and giving this context allows employees to see the big picture.” (If you can’t really explain why a task is important in the scheme of things, consider eliminating it.)

2. Be Honest

You’ll need to build trust quickly in an organization with short tenures and honesty is one great way to do that, Harvey explains. “Share what’s working and what’s not and why,” he says. “Identify holes in their capabilities and push them by assigning tasks that help them grow.” Since today’s job-hopping employees are deeply interested in developing their own skill sets, they’ll be motivated by the opportunity to learn.

3. Learn Employees’ Personal Goals

“Find what your employees are interested in accomplishing, assess how their individual goals best fit the company’s goals, and set them up to achieve their goals,” Harvey advises. “When your employees can walk away with tangible skills, it will reflect well on both them and your company.” For example, he says, if an employee wants to gain a new certification or skill set that will be useful on the job, make sure there’s time in that employee’s schedule to study.

To read the full article, head here.

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