By Jonelle Chandler

Brands are consistently thinking of ways to stay stay relevant in the digital era. Many times, when we think of the digital space, the first target audience that comes to mind is millennials.

Brands often make the mistake of targeting millennials and using social media to do so, concluding that social media is the only way for their brand to stay relevant in the digital space. Social media is important, however, it should act as a subsidiary platform.

Here are 4 ways that brands can stay relevant — without leaning on social media.

  • Have a Vision: Look at what’s already been done, look at what other brands are doing, look at what’s out there and be proactive on how and when to make the next move. Everything a brand does and doesn’t do, is a reflection of the brand. With a set vision, all will fall in place.
  • Be Innovative: Consistently create a reason to re-discover the brand. This is great for brand loyalists and new customers. Constantly modify, refine and experiment. It can be as large as a full company rebrand or as small as adding a video feature to an app.
  • Be an Advocate: Cater to your loyalists. So many missed opportunities arise from a lack of knowing your audience. Your audience constantly uses and relies on your brand in so many different ways and capacities. In order to truly understand your audience, you’ll need to consistently study and advocate for them.
  • Refine the Experience: When a brand focuses on their overall experience and provides their audience with access vs. assets, they will be a successful brand. Access vs. assets means customers want immediate access to things. They would rather watch Netflix than own a bundle of DVDs or subscribe to ZipCar than own a car.

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