Tips for Showing Off Your Personal Brand

Standing out in today’s job market isn’t easy. Not only is the competition intense, but being a “qualified” candidate is more difficult than ever before. It’s not just about the experience listed on your resume. It’s about your social presence, your digital expertise, your side projects, your cool logo. It’s about having and maintaining a personal brand.

Coming up with a strategy for “standing out” is crucial. It’s also time consuming, and requires real care and attention. Art Director, Anastasia Kuznetsova, shared some personal tips with US News.

“When designing your site, it’s important to remember that if you’re using Squarespace, Cargo or a similar service, chances are other applicants are doing the same thing and probably using the same template. You need to find a way to differentiate yourself in a way that makes your page stand out positively. If you’re using a template service, this is your opportunity to push the boundaries of what that platform can do and treat its limitations as a creative challenge.”

To read the full US News article, click this link.

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