Food Infatuation: RSR Talks Bon Appetit in Digiday

Bon Appétit Magazine is the latest to want in on the trend, and plans to launch a 2017 digital expansion targeting three different audiences: young, female readers, beginner cooks, and urban dwellers looking for the best places to eat.

However, they have some tough competition (think Buzzfeed’s Tasty). Ready Set Rocket’s Digital Strategist, Kitty Tsang, weighed in on Bon Appétit’s venture and the challenges it might face on Digiday.

Bon App, like every publisher, faces a dilemma when it comes to social distribution because while the audience might be there, the path to monetization is still unclear. Apart from the platforms’ limitations, publishers need to prove their audience reach and offer advertisers something that feels like more than just a product placement ad. “Before Tasty started integrating advertisers into content, they invested in a ton of content and built rapport with their community,” said Kitty Tsang, a digital strategist at Ready Set Rocket.

To read the full Digiday article, head here.

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