Aaron Harvey Launches Beautiful Brains Guide

In 2016, agency cofounder, Aaron Harvey, launched IntrusiveThoughts.org as an educational hub for the OCD community. The project was born from his personal struggle with Obsessive Compulsive Disorder — an experience that left him frustrated with the state of mental health care and empowered to use his marketing skills for good.

Much to his surprise, the site took off. In a matter of months, it was covered by leading outlets like Fast Company, Refinery29, Esquire, Vice, SELF Magazine and Fox News Health. Messages from sufferers and doctors poured in from around the world. Traffic continued to climb.

The success of IntrusiveThoughts.org inspired Aaron to look beyond the OCD community and into the broader realm of mental health advocacy. In October 2018, he launched his second project, the Made of Millions Foundation, as a global mental health advocacy nonprofit that uses art, technology and digital community to inspire change.

This week, the organization launched the Beautiful Brains Guide: A Mental Health Manual for the Modern Workforce with the goal of sparking a crucial conversation about mental wellbeing at work.

As a business owner, Aaron has long understood the complicated relationship between the workplace and mental health. In a fast-paced and stressful industry, people often push their personal needs aside for the sake of a company. Both the Made of Millions Foundation and Ready Set Rocket believe it’s time to change that. As of today, RSR has officially endorsed the Beautiful Brains guide and committed to furthering the conversation about workplace wellbeing amongst partner organizations.

Over the next few months, we’ll be putting the guide into action and tracking its success. We urge fellow business leaders to do the same. The process is simple:

Go to work.madeofmillions.com, download the guide and review it with the decision makers at your company. Then, take to social media to announce your support and spark a meaningful discussion about workplace mental health. Every employee deserves a workplace that works for them. With your help, we can get there.

To learn more about the Made of Millions Foundation, head here.

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