RSR on Digiday: Advertisers Issues with Social Analytics

Back in September, Facebook let advertisers know that they’d been overstating video view time by anywhere from 60-80%. This prompted advertisers everywhere to question the numbers they’d been relying on. And not just on Facebook. Across all social platforms, people began talking about, and calling out, the challenges they were facing in gathering accurate and in-depth performance metrics.

Ready Set Rocket’s Digital Strategist, Kitty Tsang, weighed in on the issue for Digiday:

Twitter uses Nielsen and Moat to measure ad campaigns’ reach and viewability. It’s also piloting an integration with Google’s DoubleClick that will make it easier for direct-response advertisers to tie ads to offline sales, said Anita Walsh, director of social strategy for Horizon Media. Twitter still doesn’t provide partial views of video ads that run on its platform or say when audience drops off, which advertisers want, though, said Kitty Tsang, digital strategist for creative agency Ready Set Rocket.

To hear more from Kitty and other industry professionals, check out the full Digiday article here.

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