RSR Creatives Find Inspiration on Retreat

By Cody Maurer

The RSR creative team recently abandoned Manhattan’s stressful streets for a reclusive retreat at legendary Storm King Art Center, located in the serene Hudson River Valley. With RSR co-founder and partner Aaron Harvey leading the way, the crew anticipated a rare opportunity to get away from the city to decompress and recharge. Most of all, we used this opportunity to focus on becoming an even tighter team.

Our first stop was the iconic Storm King Sculpture park. The team bonded, shared stories, and even wrote new stories while exploring the 100-acre landscape of fields, hills and woodlands. The inspiring sculptures and wide open landscape set an uplifting tone for the rest of the trip.

After the sculpture park, we headed to the local market to select components for six unique menu items, which we later indulged in that evening. Choosing deliciously colorful ingredients that characterized our own personalities, we seamlessly weaved together a memorable dinner.

From a decorated table top adorned with candles and glasses for endless wine to pitching our delicious dishes to one another, our symbiotic efforts organically ignited genuine team collaboration and insightful conversation.

The following day, we relaxed, brunched, channeled our inner child by jumping on the trampoline and continued to get to know one another on a more personal level.

Art Director Jonelle Chandler said her favorite part of the trip was jumping, sunbathing and napping on the trampoline. “We all got to be a kid again and then realized how exhausting it was.” The rest of the team shared the same sentiments.

Copywriter Jana K. Hoffman added, “The best part about the trip was that there was absolutely no drama.”

Whether we were letting loose in nature, working it out together in the kitchen or bonding while on the road, there was never a dull moment. Creative even when we’ve left the office to let loose, leave it to us to make our productive stamp no matter where we choose to roam.

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