The Rise of Nostalgia Marketing

Super Bowl LII saw a noticeable increase in flashback advertising

Nostalgia marketing has skyrocketed in recent years. Amidst political, social, and socioeconomic turmoil, brands are increasingly leveraging fond memories of the past, rather than the present, to resonate with consumers. This year’s Super Bowl was no exception. From Coca-Cola to Pepsi to Kia, major brands chose to turn back time in order to connect with their base. But why the sudden increase, and does the approach really work?

Ready Set Rockets’s cofounder and executive creative director, Aaron Harvey, weighed in on the topic for Adweek.

“Nostalgia creates a story where the brand can be the hero,” he said. A spot that harkens back years or decades demonstrates “the idea of trust,” while simultaneously showcasing a brand’s longevity. If you can show that a brand “has always been a part of the culture,” Harvey said, “it shows how it’s still relevant.”

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