Ready Set Rocket x SXSW Interactive 2016

Talking everything from tech trends to team-building, Founding Partners, Aaron Harvey and Alex Lirtsman; Technical Director, Gareth Price; and Associate Creative Director, Cole Sletten, have submitted two panel ideas for South By Southwest Interactive 2016.

From the Internet of Things to drones, 2015’s evolutionary consumer technologies have garnered a massive amount of buzz in the media. With a constant discussion about what the next “game-changing” and breakthrough innovation will be, can all of these ultra-hyped technologies live up to their talk? In Buzz/Bullshit: Debating the Most Hyped Tech Trends, Aaron, Alex, and a team of industry insiders call bullshit on the trends that won’t live up to the hype (and identifying the ones that actually will). With help from the audience, Buzz/Bullshit is set to cover the current hot topics in tech.

In a work environment where employees constantly switch jobs, agencies and startups struggle to find and retain “unicorns” – that rare (mythical?) breed who has the skills to design, code and strategize at a world-class level. This is true for everyone from cutting-edge startups to non-digital brands that often don’t know what skills to look for in these types of roles. In Unicorn Teams: Breaking Down the Design/Dev Divide Cole, Gareth, and Aaron will share recruiting techniques and culture-building approaches to finding and keeping those rare, well-rounded talents and discuss why curiosity and empathy are more important than aptitude when building a team.

The panel picker is now live, but closes September 4. Vote for both via the hyperlinks and increase our chances of getting on stage. Please go online today and sign up with SXSW. To vote, head here. The entire process should take less than 5 minutes, and is as simple as clicking the “thumbs up” in the top left corner.

We hope to see you there!

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