Ready Set Rocket Dives Deeper into DEI

It’s more clear than ever that the fight to end systemic racism within the industry and beyond is far from over. This is why we’ve made — and will continue to make — updates to our diversity, equity, and inclusion measures. Over the past several months, we’ve completed an agency audit of everything as it relates to DE&I from how we present ourselves online to our entire recruitment process. We’ve implemented quarterly training workshops with the entire team, specifically on implicit bias and language use. And we’re currently working with recruiters specializing in finding diverse talent to add to our freelance bench and full-time hire candidate pools. 

“We’re now in a place where yes, we all agree there’s a social and business case for having a more diverse and inclusive team, especially in marketing where you need to be able to speak to diverse audiences,” says Mike Shannon, Director of Finance & Operations. “Still, we haven’t made that investment into DE&I before.”
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