Ready Set Rocket Asks Companies to “Box Better”

As more and more packages are being shipped worldwide, more and more plastic packaging waste is being shipped right along with them. In fact, nearly half of global plastic waste comes from in-the-box packaging.

To help curb the impact, we launched “Box Better,” a campaign to build awareness to plastic packaging alternatives such as paper- and fiber-based solutions. The campaign, developed in partnership with Ranpak, a global leader in sustainable in-the-box packaging solutions, calls upon Ecommerce companies to do better by their customers and the environment, by making the switch to recyclable and biodegradable solutions.

“With the launch of this campaign, we are investing in our growth to capitalize on the significant global opportunity we have to help DTC brands improve their supply chain performance and costs, and build real credibility into their sustainability story and brand positioning – enabling DTC brands to truly resonate with consumers and build long-term brand loyalty,” says Omar Asali, Ranpak’s CEO.

Read the case study here