PSFK on RSR’s Google Glass App for Kenneth Cole Mankind

Kenneth Cole’s Google Glass app has the industry buzzing.  In this article, PSFK notes how wearable technology can help establish a stronger brand message and takes a closer look at Ready Set Rocket’s partnership with Kenneth Cole to promote the new Mankind fragrance.


“While Google Glass can be used as an advertising technique for companies to promote specific products, the technology currently prevents developers to run in-app ads, so projects that direct people to purchase links cannot be set up.

‘I think as brands continue to invest heavily in content marketing, it’s going to be really important for them to put themselves in different contexts of technology,’ [RSR partner Aaron] Harvey said. ‘It’s about figuring out how brand messaging and content marketing can integrate themselves off of the desktop and into more-progressive communication technology.’”

Read the full article on PSFK. 

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