Why Millennial Jobs Are More Important Than Your Mom Thinks

The internet is a complicated place. Hashtags are confusing, social media is overwhelming, and aren’t engineers supposed to work on cars, or something? For those unfamiliar with the digital space, modern careers don’t make a ton of sense. This lack of understanding often leads to a dismissal of a job’s importance, which is unfortunate, because many so-called “millennial careers” are pretty hard.

Cofounder and Chief Strategist, Alex Lirtsman, spoke with NBC News about some of today’s most misunderstood positions, and why they’re important.

“As a community manager, you are focused on connecting and communicating constantly with your target audience, and understanding how to empathize with them in order to forge stronger bonds with the larger community that’s being served. If your audience is younger millennials, resonating with them without being a part of their demographic is a real challenge. To do so well and at scale is a keen attribute of a younger, driven, always-on generation that can connect and resonate with thousands of users a day.”

To read the full NBC News article, click this link.

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