May Lean In Recap: Building Successful Relationships

By Cody Maurer

The lovely ladies of RSR recently gathered together to celebrate the 8th volume of our informal, yet intimate monthly “Lean In.” Inspired by the unique relationships she has built thus far at RSR,  Copywriter Jana K. Hoffman led the discussion by asking the question, “What does it take to build a successful relationship with coworkers, non-coworkers and, most importantly, with yourself?”

When the clock struck 7 p.m., we poured some well-deserved wine, slowly softened our backs into leather seats, munched on Mexican food from Tacombi and directed our attention to this relevant subject.

So, what are the building blocks of a successful relationship? After tossing around words such as trust, communication and respect, we were then challenged to use one word to define our relationship with ourselves. Although silence initially surrounded, soon enough, words like conflicted, forgiving, and “working on it” filled the dimly lit room.

Breaking down the initial barrier helped us to unleash anecdotes of past experiences with coworkers, educators and family members. Utilizing this time to learn from each other’s own insecurities and strengths, we truly embarked on an organic and healing conversation.

Then we took things to the next interactive level by grouping into pairs for a quick hands-on activity. Sitting back to back, we were prompted to collaboratively reproduce a given shape based on communicative instructions. It was therapeutic to relate with one another in a way that was playful and thought provoking.

As one of the newest members of the RSR team, this enlightening conversation and unique way of engaging with coworkers was a one-of-a-kind experience, one that I’ve never received at any other job before. While I was offered an in-depth insight into the minds and inner workings of my new coworkers, I also received an even deeper glimpse into myself, an aspect which I may have never uncovered if I hadn’t taken the time to lean in.

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