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Lauren Nutt-Bello Talks Company Success on the Zero to 5000 Podcast 

America’s fastest-growing companies are constantly looking to achieve massive, positive results for themselves and their employees – both personally and professionally. RSR President and Managing Partner, Lauren Nutt-Bello, sat down with Drew McClure on the Zero to 5000 podcast to discuss the journey to get there, the importance of employee mental health, closing the wage gap and making paternity leave mandatory to everyone in the workplace.

“I had an offer from one of the big agencies at the time that I was really excited about and I had this offer and I sat down with my boyfriend at the time, who is now my husband, and he was like ‘OK, what’s the best case scenario at the big agency?’ And I was like ‘Maybe I get a big promotion in a year and get to work on a really cool account.” Lauren shared. “And then he was like, ‘What’s the best case scenario at this other place, Ready Set Rocket? And I was like ‘Well, I mean these guys seem super smart and I’m stoked about their vision and I think if this works out the way I think it could I can really show what I can contribute and really take off with this place.”

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