The Intersection of Digital and Culture

From DC to Florida to London, our team has been on the go, presenting at various workshops and panels on digital strategy.

Andrew Zarick, RSR’s VP of Strategic Partnerships, is also the founder of Digital Dumbo. One of the leading industry networking events in NYC, Digital Dumbo launched its third foray into Europe by hosting an event in London. The event, which was hosted at a collaborative innovation space called THECUBE, began with a dialogue on the global digital economy.

Discussion revolved around how to incite a more skilled digital workforce, how to better encourage entrepreneurship and ultimately, how to implement innovative technology solutions to grow economy in impoverished areas. The crossroads and parallels between the London digital scene and the New York City scene were remarkably similar; while legal, economic and geographic structures rightfully affect innovation.

Andrew’s efforts to continue to open the pipelines of bi-directional conversation foster growth in cultural understanding and how we as a continually shrinking global community can best intersect our ideas and innovations.

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