You’ve heard of Internet of Things, that buzzy term our industry people love to use about innovation, digital, data, etc. This Friday, we put a spin on it with Internet of Fashionable Things, a meet and greet with some of the hottest (or should we say hautest?) fashion-tech startups and disruptors coming out of our beloved tech hub that is New York City.

Internet of Fashionable Things was born from a desire to provide these burgeoning startups a place to display their products and services in a casual environment.

So we did our homework and found eight startups that we think you need to put on your radar. Here’s a quick glimpse at the companies you’ll meet on Friday:

Nineteenth Amendment

Who doesn’t love a sale? Especially on exclusive clothing designs made in the U.S.A by talented up-and-coming designers. Nineteenth Amendment developed an online marketplace that connects these designers with consumers seeking unique designs through an interactive and crowdsourcing model. Better yet, the clothing is sold at wholesale prices during a “pre-sale” only available for a limited time. Designers sell directly to shoppers and collect real time demographic and sales data.

PERCH Interactive

PERCH is a startup that transforms the way shoppers interact with products and the way brands communicate with customers in-store. Harnessing the power of immersive media, PERCH combines dynamic interactive content with the tangible immediacy of the natural shopping experience. By seamlessly integrating the digital into the physical, PERCH creates impactful product journeys that simultaneously educate, delight and engage.


Sundar is a collaborative platform that connects creative professionals with quality materials and qualified vendors globally. Sundar streamlines the discovery and sourcing process by providing sophisticated search, curation and data-driven insights to buyers and sellers 24/7. Sundar was incubated at TechStars, and before that at MIT. The team has won industry accolades including awards from the Council of Fashion Designers of America & Conde Nast.


Oftentimes, brands don’t reward you for endorsing their products. CoSign saw an opportunity and created a platform that pays influencers when someone purchases a product that they endorse via social media. By tagging products within the photo, this provides consumers with more details and takes the guesswork out of where to buy the items. CoSign helps users connect with brands and creates a unique and convenient shopping experience.

My Stylit

Stylit is a sophisticated recommendation engine that dramatically increases conversion rates in online apparel shopping with the belief that online shopping should be tailormade, fun and successful. Today, shoppers have to manually curate out of hundreds of millions of products while retailers don’t understand a shopper’s individual style therefore displaying all to all. Stylit’s patented technology learns a shopper’s style and recommends personalized products in a ready to wear look format. All while utilizing the shopper’s favourite brands.


Jewelbots are friendship bracelets for the iPhone era. Technology-enabled jewelry for tween and teen girls, they’re a means of communicating with friends by lighting up when a BFF is near or buzzing to send messages to a pal across the school. In addition to offering girls a wearable-tech social tool made just for them, the open-source software exposes users to the possibilities of coding in a fun and fresh way. Using basic engineering logic, girls can program their Jewelbots to do just about anything they—and their besties-turned-collaborators—dream up, opening their minds to STEM during an age when many lose interest. The vision of Sara Chipps, co-founder of the national non-profit Girl Develop It!, and fashion-tech entrepreneur Brooke Moreland, the Jewelbots brand fuses fashion, technology, and friendship. It’s a device that harnesses the creativity and exuberance of young women to teach them a critical new language that will serve them for years to come.


From razors to beauty products, subscription services have become a hot commodity. Here’s one that take personalization to the next level OKMYOUTFIT is a subscription service that delivers one-on-one personal shopping and styling, by sending trained stylists directly to you. Our extensive proprietary training, partnership with top brands, and client relationships work in harmony to provide a highly personalized and professional shopping experience, along with higher conversions for our retail partners. We do all the work. You get all the looks.


Stylinity makes social content shoppable with an exclusive Universal Buy Now ButtonTM for Social Commerce, which lets consumers click to purchase right from the point of inspiration in their social feed. For brands and retailers, our Platform As A Service (PaaS) gives the power to create and share shoppable social content to all major social networks from one dashboard – a Shoppable Content Management System (SCMS). Brands can also empower their fans to create and share their own shoppable content to their friends and followers, expanding their reach and uncovering new customers —  and Stylinity rewards the creators for the purchases they influence. For consumers, Stylinity is a fun and easy way to share their style and get rewarded for the purchases they drive.

We look forward to opening our doors on Friday. Small bites and cocktails will be served. And guests will have an opportunity to mingle with and learn more about the startups that are changing retail, eCommerce and fashion.

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