We Partnered with Interbrand, Facebook and NYSE to Launch Breakthrough Brands

Ready Set Rocket, in partnership with Interbrand, Facebook and the New York Stock Exchange, has launched Breakthrough Brands, a new initiative to recognize and celebrate the next generation of startups, upstarts, challengers and innovators. This inaugural report will give innovative companies the credit that they deserve.

Here’s the criteria:

  • Be no older than 5-7 years
  • Be changing or impacting a category with new thinking
  • Present a unique business model, one that challenges the traditional way of doing things
  • Tap into consumer behaviors in an entirely new and unexpected way
  • Be developing a new technology, product or service that people didn’t realize they really needed and wanted
  • Be growing quickly, with rapid rate of adoption
  • Understand the value of brand, and manage it well
  • And are:
    • Anywhere in the world, particularly in emerging markets, and may not have a global footprint
    • Not necessarily a technology brand

To learn more about the report or make a nomination, visit the Breakthrough Brands site here.

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