Instagram Stories: Passing Fad or Here to Stay?

With this change has come debate over the longevity of “copycat features” and whether or not “stealing” another platform’s differentiator is every really a good idea.

Snapchat loyalists were quick to express their outrage, claiming that while others might transfer over, they never will. For them, Instagram is an entirely different experience, one that should not involve real time footage or disappearing content. For others, especially celebs, this new feature presents a unique opportunity to connect with Instagram followers in a more intimate way.

Ready Set Rocket’s Strategy Director, Devon Zdatny, shared her thoughts on Instagram Stories with iMedia Connection.

“Frequently brands strive to explore new features simply because they exist. It is important to take the time to truly assess if this feature can be an effective storytelling medium for your brand. From there, marketers need to understand how consumers are using it before brands begin to use it themselves. These consumer insights will help lead to better content that will be more effective at engaging consumers.”

To read the full article, head here.

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