In recent years, data visualization has experienced an insurgence in the form of beautifully designed infographics. Though they are by no means a new phenomenon, this form of communication is used by the world over as a way of making complex information appear seamless, beautiful, and more than anything, clear.

There is a clear relationship that arises between information design and the ability to tell stories. It takes raw data that more often than not is accompanied by complicated jargon, and boils it down to the most concrete and relevant details in order to create a storyline.

The next and seemingly obvious step is the marriage of journalism and information design. We commonly see graphs and charts supplementing articles in newspapers that offer both validity and clarity.

Data visualization changes the reader’s experience entirely without having to sacrifice on content. David McCandless, author and information designer, is featured in a TED Talk in which he discusses the patterns that begin to arise from data visualization which inherently become one of the more significant aspects in utilizing this powerful tool.

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