RSR presented insights on the development of and analytical insights of the Emergen-C “Share the Good” app to the Facebook Developers Garage in NYC. The app leveraged pixel-tracking to pull in a user’s Facebook profile photo and status into an interactive video and customized text based on the integration of Facebook’s API.

When a tired friend posts a not-so-energetic Facebook status, users of the Emergen-C application can post a high energy message with customized video to their wall, as well as send them a FREE sample of Emergen-C’s vitamin drink mix with 1,000 mg of Vitamin C for that extra energy boost.

The result? A highly viral and engaging way to share Emergen-C not only online but through offline fulfillment. RSR not only developed the application but provided insights and analytics on the customer relationship management piece which was critical for the online to in-hand strategy.

The overall success of technical development and customer fulfillment led to write ups on Media Post and Creativity Online.

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