How to Identify Toxic Company Culture Before Accepting a Job

In today’s job market, culture is the ultimate recruitment tool. Prospects care more about the environment they’re working in, than they do title, salary or career trajectory. And employers are cautious about bringing on new people who might disrupt the unique internal setting they’ve created. With both sides vetting one another, and social media and job finding platforms increasingly changing how people find information about openings, how do people accurately compare and make job decisions based on culture?

RSR’s Aaron Harvey shared his tips with Fast Company:

“If someone is too quick to hire you, they’re just using a body to fill a role,” said Harvey. He adds that a lack of due diligence is the number one red flag candidates should watch out for. “That just proves to me that they got a new account or they’re expanding something and they just need bodies, and I’m not going somewhere to be a body.”

To read the full Fast Company article, click this link.

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