In a world of information sharing and hyper-connectedness, Vizify launches as a beta site that allows users to plug in their social networks and get a personalized, interactive infographic with a unique URL to boot.

The app works best when you are an information-sharer online, and its format is visually appealing, with good transitions and clear information.

As more and more personal information is shared online, Vizify attempts to answer an emerging question: how do you organize your online identities? 

By simply linking up the social channels of your choice (currently Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Foursquare), the extremely easy-to-use setup pulls interesting and popular content from your “social” life — think photos and quotes to frequently discussed topics and checkin locations — all customizable to display only the information you want to show.

By far the most interesting use of Vizify in my opinion is the tie in with LinkedIn. I’d love to see a new trend in visual and infographic resumes…and with Vizify’s ability to curate shown data, it might be a stepping stone to making visual resumes more accessible to even non-designers.

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