In Honor of International Women’s Day: How to Level the Playing Field at Work

March 8th marked International Women’s Day, a global celebration of all the good that women bring the world, and a reminder that gender inequality still exists and requires combating. 2016 was an interesting year for women. The volatile presidential campaign season brought the topic of female leaders front and center. That, in combination with 2017 headlines, such as Susan J. Fowler’s “My Year at Uber” outlining the gender bias she faced at the tech giant, and Congress’ continued efforts to defund Planned Parenthood, proved to us all that while progress is being made, we still have a ways to go until gender equality is achieved.

To celebrate International Women’s Day, and shed light on the issues that women continue to face, POPSUGAR spoke with 14 lady bosses about what they consider the biggest challenges for women in the workplace. Our very own Lauren Bello, an accomplished, supportive, and impressive leader at RSR, weighed in.

“The biggest issue facing women in the workplace is the building pressure that you need to choose between your career trajectory and your personal life. . . . Empowerment and equal opportunity comes when employers set up structures and systems that consider these key differences [between men and women], instead of just expecting women to figure out how to do things like a man would. This can range from tangible policies such as maternity leave policies, flexible schedules, and egg freezing benefits, to mentorship and female empowerment programs that connect women and encourage support for their choices and options. When your female employees feel supported, understood, and considered, you’re not only going to get better work out of them, but you’re going to see more of them in the C-suite.”

To read the full POPSUGAR article, click this link.

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